Elements of OTLE

Data, charts and maps

The OTLE's own database, graphs and maps show extensive information on transport and logistics in Spain. The sources used are mainly from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in addition to other ministries, international organisations and various external sources.


Based on the analysis and interpretation of the information contained in the database, the OTLE prepares a series of indicators on the state and evolution of the transport sector in Spain.

The organisation of the information is structured around seven areas: mobility, socioeconomics, infrastructure and capital, security, sustainability, metropolitan transport and logistics

Annual and topical reports

The OTLE produces an annual report which presents and analyses the information collected throughout the year on various aspects of transport and its socioeconomic context.

As a complement to the report, a methodological annex presents the main technical issues applied and provides guidance on the use of the information presented.

In addition, each year one of the aspects covered by the OTLE is selected and analysed in greater depth in a topical report that is separate from the annual report.

In the latest edition of the Observatory, presented in February 2023, the report was structured in the following sections:

  • Improvements and modifications to the report and the Observatory in 2022.
  • Mobility, competitiveness, safety and sustainability of transport in Spain.
  • Logistics in Spain.


Each year a conference is held to disseminate the main contents and results of the Spanish Transport and Logistics Observatory and to serve as a meeting point for the sector.

The 10th annual conference of the OTLE will take place on February 28, 2023, in the assembly hall of the Center for Applied Techniques Studies (CETA) of CEDEX, located at C/Alfonso XII, 3 y 5, Madrid. Attendance at the conference is free and free until full capacity is reached, prior registration.

The program for the day and the registration form are included below.