Moving people or goods as efficiently and safely as possible is one of the biggest challenges facing the transport sector today. For this reason, OTLE has information on safety and accidents for the different modes of transport.

Graphic fatalities on urban and interurban roads. Chart content in Spanish

Distribution of road fatalities by urban and interurban area and by type of vehicle, in 2022.

Relevant information

Road transport

In 2022 there were 97,916 accidents with victims on all road networks, with 1,746 fatalities. Of these, 10,641 accidents occurred on the State Road Network, with 455 fatalities.

Rail transport

175 accidents occurred on the General Interest Rail Network in 2022, with 21 fatalities.

Air transport

34 accidents involving commercial air transport, general aviation and other flight operations were recorded on Spanish territory in 2022, with 2 fatalities.

Sea transport

Maritime Rescue handled 7,392 emergencies in 2022, with 39,594 people involved and 193 fatalities.