What is the OTLE?

The Spanish Transport and Logistics Observatory (OTLE) is a consultation and reference tool on transport and logistics that is openly available to all those interested in the subject.

The OTLE is an initiative of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and is included in the Infrastructure, Transport and Housing Plan 2012-2024 (PITVI). The OTLE is carried out in the General Secretariat for Transport and Mobility, through the Transport Studies and Technology Division, and in collaboration with the Sub-Directorate General for Information Technologies and Digital Administration of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda.

Numerous management centres, public bodies and centres attached to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda also collaborate with the OTLE, as well as other ministries and some external bodies, which provide information to the Observatory.


The OTLE has two main objectives:

  • To provide a global and integral vision of the transport and logistics situation in Spain that facilitates efficient and rational decision-making.
  • Ensure transparency of transport and logistics information. To this end, it makes numerous statistical data and indicators freely available to users.

Thematic areas

These group information, data and statistical analyses according to different variables:

  • Mobility

    Journeys by vehicles, persons and goods in each of the modes of transport.

  • Socioeconomics

    Macroeconomic aspects, enterprises, employment, investment, prices and costs, etc.

  • Infrastructure and capital

    Transport infrastructure, rolling stock and technological capital investments in the transport and logistics sector.

  • Safety

    Accident and fatality rates for the different modes of transport.

  • Sustainability

    Externalities associated with transport activity (emissions, energy consumption and noise).

  • Metropolitan transport

    Metropolitan mobility in collective means of transport (passenger transport, service offer, infrastructures, economic aspects).

  • Logistics

    Due to the complexity and cross-cutting nature of its activity, it includes data and analysis on various aspects (freight transport, storage, socioeconomic and infrastructure data, intermodality, etc.).

Elements and structure

OTLE information is made available to its users on this website through different elements:

  • Data, charts and maps

    On many aspects of transport and logistics in Spain.

  • Situation indicators and diagnosis

    On the situation and development of transport and logistics.

  • Annual reports

    In these reports a cross-cutting analysis of transport is carried out from the perspective of mobility, competitiveness, transport safety, environmental sustainability and logistics.

  • Topical reports

    With more in-depth and detailed analyses of specific aspects of transport and logistic .

  • Annual conferences

    In these conferences the main results of the annual and monographic reports of each year are presented, and they serve as a meeting point with OTLE users (administrations, the transport and logistics sector, researchers, etc.).

  • Pilot Mobility Study

    Passenger mobility flows at national level by applying Big Data technology and information on transport supply and demand.